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XPD The XPD boots collection represents the best fusion of three fundamental elements: design, comfort and safety. This ongoing synergy is aimed to satisfy the needs of all kinds of motorcycling, from pure racing through touring to naked bikes and so on.

XPD involves riders from every major World Championship in the developing of truly effective motorcycle boots. Some of the best riders in the world contribute with XPD to offer and advanced product in terms of reliability, quality, comfort and safety

SAFETY LAB centre daily analyses cases of damage to motorcyclists involved in road accidents. This research program can count on strong innovation and scientific partnership with Universities? Research Centres. The final goal is to develop advanced safety technology extended to the everyday user.

Testing for all conditions
Motorcyclists feet are frequently exposed to cold and rain and sometimes environmental conditions can be harsh. When studying and testing new comfort solutions and models, XPD research involves Japanese environment simulator TECHNORAMA, where extreme bad weather situations are recreated and analysed in order to study boots response and performance.