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Integral helmets

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Integral helmets

Integral helmets A good motorcycle road trip means freedom and adventure for the passionate motorcycle fan. A high quality equipment is obligatory, if you want to ride relaxed through the nature. Maximum safety during fast-paced biker tours is the first priority: for this purpose an integral helmet provides optimal protection.

In contrast to motocross helmets, integral helmets completely surround the head and protect both chin and face simultaneously. You should pay attention not only to cool design and reasonable prices, but primarily to quality.

In motoin’s online shop you will find a wide range of integral helmets from renowned brands such as Held, Nolan or Marushin, which offer high stability and aerodynamics even at high speeds.
Integral helmets: all-round talents for racing and hobby drivers
Integral helmets are particularly practical when you call yourself a frequent driver and love the speed on the highway. You will find full visor helmets in every imaginable design - in brightly colored designs, simple and with toned visors.

While flip up helmets only protect the face, integral helmets also have a firmly anchored chin section with a fully adjustable visor. The solid helmets are real all-round talents for racing and hobby riders. The new generation of integral helmets scores with ultimate weight and can be perfectly adapted to the needs of different driving styles.

Scratch-resistant visors provide protection against glare and fogging. Materials such as fiberglass or polycarbonate are robust, while soft interior padding ensures comfortable comfort.
Order an integral helmet - The right helmet for every head
With a full visor helmet you can experience aerodynamics in any riding position. Innovative ventilation systems, adjustable rear spoilers and washable inner pads are the most important hallmark of the helmets.

The only drawback: you can only move the visor. If you want to pay your power bar at the gas station, you have to take the whole helmet off your head. Thus, flip up helmets or jet helmets are more comfortable, especially when you wear spectacles. Take your time to choose an integral helmet.

With the size chart » in the motoin’s shop you can easily find the right size from your home desktop -from XXXS to XXL. Measure the circumference of your head and use the table to determine the size in centimeters. Browse through the motoin store, convince yourself of EC-standard tested integral helmets in excellent quality and profit from price reductions up to 50 percent.
If you have any questions, we will be happy to advise you. Our service team supports you to make the right choice.