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Environmental protection

We care very much about environmental protection. That is why motoin.de accepts responsibility and ensures that there is less packaging and office waste.

Fired with enthusiasm for environmental protection

Bikers are nature's friends, which is why we, as ardent bikers, are deeply concerned about environmental protection.

We at motoin.de don't just talk about environmental protection, we actually practise it and accept responsibility. For nature and for generations to come.

  • We re-use packaging as often as possible in order to avoid unnecessary waste of energy or environmental resources - even if this means a considerable amount of extra work for us. Thus, your (naturally brand-new) products may be delivered in packaging that has already been used.
  • Not only do we take the separation and proper disposal of waste seriously, we are also committed to reducing waste overall. For example, in the near future, the entire motoin.de bookkeeping will be paperless.
  • Our Hoster domainFACTORY invests actively in the protection of our environment. Our web page is completely climate-neutral.
  • We strongly urge all of our staff members to take our philosophy on environmental protection seriously and to practise this philosophy themselves.
  • We naturally comply with the applicable local, regional and governmental custodial requirements concerning the environment.

We hope that our efforts are also in your interest. A recent study showed that Web shoppers are environmentally aware. We're glad to hear that, because this means that we are all on the right track.