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Your return delivery

Using our returns portal from DHL you can send a cancellation for 4.90 EUR cost-effectively via DHL. The shipping costs will be charged with your return. In case of an exchange the return is free of charge.

How it works:

Your return delivery
  1. Enter the order number below and (if required) the email address of your order.
  2. Click on the "DHL Returns" button to access the DHL Returns Portal.
  3. If necessary, correct the sender address and click on "Send e-mail".
  4. Check your e-mail box and print out the return label in the e-mail attachment.
  5. Place the fully completed return form with your goods in the original parcel or in another sturdy box.
  6. Visibly attach the return label to your package.
  7. Deliver the parcel to a post office, packing station or parcel box. Done!

Please note:

DHL Returns